osteopathy and cancer

We treat people with cancer for musculoskeletal problems

You may be experiencing physical strains or aches and pains for a variety of reasons. You may have spent prolonged time in restricted positions in a hospital bed or chemo chair due to IV catheters and infusions, or you may be experiencing reduced mobility from the fatigue of treatment or advancing disease. Sometimes emotional and psychological stresses can also lead to a buildup of tensions that manifest as muscular aches and pains.  
Osteopathy can improve your circulation, reduce swelling, ease pain and help to restore movement. The treatments we offer can also help with some cancer related symptoms e.g. fluid buildup from lymphoedema and the associated aches and pains caused by the weight and immobility of the affected limb. 
Our experienced practitioners can offer you safe and effective treatment with dignity, compassion and understanding.  Depending on your current situation and stage in your cancer journey, we will tailor the treatment to your needs, being safe and working around your disease and any treatment you may be having.  
At North Norfolk Osteopaths we have an Osteopath who has had 20 years' experience as a Specialist Cancer Nurse.  Louise Goodey has a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of cancer therapies and their side effects as well as complications of the disease itself.  She also has a deep understanding of the impact of a cancer diagnosis at all stages of the cancer journey from diagnosis, through treatment, cure, relapse and palliative care. This gives her a wealth of experience to guide her assessment and compile a safe individualised treatment plan for you.   She is also available to our other Osteopath for specialist advice where needed.
There may be some situations where we request copies of reports, scans and blood results or where we need to contact your GP or Cancer Specialist.  We would generally recommend that you let your Cancer Specialist know if you want to have osteopathy.  It is also very important that you let our Osteopaths know about any cancer diagnosis too.  In most cases it will be ok for you to go ahead, but most Doctors and Osteopaths would not recommend using any forceful techniques, such as the high velocity thrust technique.  
We use a combination of techniques including:
  • Massage
  • Rhythmic movement of joints
  • Gentle stretching of muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Gentle releases of muscles and tissues often referred to as myofascial and functional releases
  • Cranial releases known as cranial osteopathy
Most of the evidence for osteopathy in cancer care is based on reports by patients, osteopaths, and some doctors saying that it has helped. This is called anecdotal evidence.  

Osteopathy is Good for Cancer Pain Relief
FEBRUARY 24, 2015 

"Osteopathic treatment can provide relief of pain, muscle stiffness, stress, fatigue and sometimes nausea. Because osteopathic treatment improves the alignment and movement capacity of the body, afterwards patients often report a general sense of feeling better, as well as often the alleviation of specific tensions and pains, depending on the cause of that pain. Furthermore, the dynamic of touch and body work involved in osteopathy can help the patient come to terms with altered body image and to talk openly about anxieties."
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